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Frequently Asked Questions

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is a therapeutic approach that has been shown to improve socially significant behaviors in all areas of development for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other behavioral challenges, including communication, social emotional adjustment, adaptive behaviors, fine motor skills, and cognition. ABA therapy is the only clinically proven therapy for children with autism and endorsed by Autism Speaks, American Academy of Pediatrics, Autism Society of America and many others.

Services are provided to families and their children diagnosed with Autism anywhere from 16 months to 21 years of age. The entire family benefits from our services.

While receiving ABA therapy, your child will work with highly trained specialists that can assist in teaching your child how to master daily living skills (e.g, dressing, hygiene, bathing, toileting, feeding), develop expressive and receptive language skills, play and leisure skills, and social skills. ABA therapy can also be utilized to assist in reducing maladaptive behaviors, such as self-injury, physical aggression, elopement, property destruction, etc. and work towards teaching replacement skills to utilize instead. The ultimate goal for ABA therapy is to help create a functional and meaningful life for your child.

A qualified professional trained in ABA techniques, such as a board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA) or a trained therapist, can provide ABA therapy at home. It’s crucial to ensure the therapist has experience working with individuals on the autism spectrum.

Jade’s home therapy for ASD involves implementing ABA techniques in a home environment. This may include structured activities, behavior modification strategies, reinforcement techniques, and collaborative involvement of family members to support the individual’s progress.

The duration of therapy sessions can vary based on individual needs and goals. Typically, sessions can range from a few hours to several hours per week, and the frequency may be adjusted as progress is observed.

The goals focus on improving specific behaviors, fostering communication skills, enhancing social interactions, promoting independence in daily activities, and reducing challenging behaviors to improve the individual’s overall quality of life.

Absolutely! Involving parents or caregivers is often encouraged in ABA therapy. They play a crucial role in implementing learned strategies, providing consistent support, and reinforcing positive behaviors outside of therapy sessions.

  1. To begin therapy with Jade ABA Therapy, interested individuals can reach out through various channels, such as the website https://jadeaba.org/intake-form/ email at info@jadeaba.org, or by calling (410) 616-0901 A consultation will be scheduled to assess individual needs and plan personalized therapy.

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